Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Skema 200 watt Power Amplifier STK4050 II

Features STK4050 II

  • Compact package for thin-type audio sets
  • Member of pin-compatible series with outputs of 20 to
  • 200W
  • Easy heatsink design to disperse heat generated in thintype
  • stereo sets
  • Constant-current circuit to reduce supply switch-on and
  • switch-off shock noise
  • External supply switch-on and switch-off shock noise
  • muting, load short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown
  • and other circuits can be tailored-designed

Application Circuit Power Amplifier STK4050 II

Skema Power Amplifier STK4050 IISkema Specified Transformer Supply for 200 watt Power Amplifier STK4050 II

Supplay 200 watt Power Amplifier
  • To use the results of the max capacitor 10000Uf/80 Vot, with a pure tranformator 5 / 42 volt
  • provide a good cooling plate, the ic STK4050 II

Tips that sub Woofer Voice | bass sound more felt

according to experience, you have to do a little experiment for you to get the best bass sound, stalwart, gigantic. To get the best bass sound between the subwoofer and the room you, then you should get a 'pass that point. the following manner:
  • Place the subwoofer on your location on our seat. (sub Woofer do not be put on the table / cupboard you high more than 1 / 2 meter)
  • Turn the sub Woofer and you do not forget to disconnect the speaker Amplifier.
  • Play a song you like, which have gained a good frequency bass
  • Then try running memutari room, see the characters that appear bass.
  • You will hear some of the bass sound quality improvements in some corner of the room. This happens due to the interaction between low-frequency space and you. Nah corners you can select as a "node" or the point pas you need to immediately place your subwoofer in a corner of it.

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