Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rangkaian Peredam Noise Audio (DNR system )

Peredam Noise Audio (DNR system )

This circuit can be use to audio noise reduction for use with audio playback systems. The DNR system is noncomplementary, meaning it does not require encoded source material. The system is compatible with virtually all prerecorded tapes and FM broadcasts. Psychoacoustic masking, and an adaptive bandwidth scheme allow the DNR to achieve 10 dB of noise reduction. DNR can save circuit board space and cost because of the few additional components required.

 Rangkaian  Peredam Noise Skema Rangkaian Peredam Noise Audio (DNR system )

PCD layout DNR system

  • Non-complementary noise reduction, “single ended”
  • Low cost external components, no critical matching
  • Compatible with all prerecorded tapes and FM
  • 10 dB effective tape noise reduction CCIR/ARM
  • weighted
  • Wide supply range, 4.5V to 18V
  • 1 Vrms input overload
  • Automotive radio/tape players
  • Compact portable tape players
  • Quality HI-FI tape systems
  • VCR playback noise reduction
  • Video disc playback noise reduction
The circuit system should always be placed before tone and volume controls. Placing DNR system after tone or volume control won’t work because any adjustment of these controls would alter the noise floor seen by the DNR control path.

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