Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rangkaian 12VDC Fluorescent Lamp Driver

Whenever there is a need for battery-powered lighting, like for camping, solar powered cottages, cars, boats, planes, or emergency purposes, fluorescent lamps have a great appeal. Firstly, they are very much more efficient than glow lamps, so they produce much more light for less power consumption. Secondly, their light color stays constant while the battery runs down.

In this article I will offer driver circuit for 12 V/5Watt fluorescent lamp, this circuit used a normal 220 to 10V stepdown transformer in reverse to step 12V to about 240V to drive a lamp without the need to warm the filaments.
Rangkaian 12VDC Fluorescent Lamp DriverSkema Rangkaian 12VDC Fluorescent Lamp Driver

  • Q1 (IRF510 MOSFET) must be installed on a heat sink
  • Dangerous ...!! Please be careful, This series contains 220 VAC that can sting you.

The IC1 TLC 555 is wired as an astable multivibrator for producing the necessary oscillations.The MOSFET Q1 is used to amplify the oscillations produced by the IC1.The out put of MOSFET is connected to the primary of the step up transformer to produce a ~240 V AC for driving the florescent lamp.

List Component:
  • C1 100uf /25V Electrolytic Capacitor
  • C2,C3 100nf Ceramic Capacitor
  • C4 100nf /1KV Ceramic Capacitor
  • R1 1K Resistor
  • R2 2.7K Resistor
  • Q1 IRF510 MOSFET
  • U1 TLC555 Timer IC
  • T1 300mA, 10V/220v Transformer
  • LAMP 5W Fluorescent Lamp
  • MISC Board, Wire, Heatsink For Q1


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rangkaian Lampu LED Untuk Motor (12 Volt Battery)

Lampu LED Untuk Motor

Lamp type LED has several advantages compared with the usual light when the applied on a motorcycle.
In addition to more efficient battery when compared with normal hologen lamps, LED also has several other advantages, such as light more evenly and provide a luxurious feel to the vehicle.

The following are examples of simple creations that you can apply to decorate your motorcycle using the LED.
Lampu LED Untuk MotorRangkaian Lampu LED Untuk Motor

For this circuit is recommended only as a replacement motorcycle brake lights or city lights with the electrical source from the battery. Indeed in the market has many available variations of LED lights that can be used as brake lights or disco lights, but maybe some people would be proud if his own creative, hopefully circuit schemes that we present above can assist you in creating.

The following examples of applications that we apply to motorcycles mio

Lampu LED Untuk Motor
Lampu LED Untuk Motor


Monday, October 18, 2010

Rangkaian 220V Lamp Flasher

The 220V Lamp Flasher circuit basically is a line powered flasher which can be used in many applications such as the Chritmas lamp. Below is the circuit schematic diagram

Skema Rangkaian 220V Lamp Flasher

  • Input supply - 6 ~ 12 VDC
  • Output - upto 200 W lamp / bulb load
  • Optically isolated Mains supply
  • Onboard preset to adjust the frequency (speed) of flashing (1 Hz to 5 Hz)
  • Power Battery Terminal (PBT) for easy input 230 VAC mains and load connection
  • Terminal pins for connecting DC power supply
  • Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  • List Componet of 220V Lamp Flasher circuit
  • CN1: 6 V to 12 VDC voltage source
  • C1: 10uF/25V capacitor elektrolit
  • C2: 0.22uF/275V capacitor elektrolit
  • C3: 47uF/25V capacitor elektrolit
  • C4: 0.1uF/25V capacitor elektrolit
  • D1: LED
  • D2, D3: 1N4148 Dioda
  • PR1: 100K Variable resistor
  • PR2: 50K Variable resistor
  • Q1: TIC226 Triac
  • R1: 2k2 resistor 1/2 watt
  • R2, R5: 1K resistor 1/2 watt
  • R3: 180E resistor 1/2 watt
  • R4: 680E resistor 1/2 watt
  • U1: LM555 IC timer
  • U2: MOC3021
  • V1: 230V AC input
  • Z1: 100W Load
This circuit directly connected to the netting of electricity, voltage 220V electricity it could sting you. Avoid working in damp and directly with ground

Skema Rangkaian Elektronika