Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ukuran Box Subwoofer 10"

This subwoofer box was created to match and aid the 1.618 Hi-Vi 3-way tower loudspeakers. The main focus of the HiVi 10" subwoofer was to reproduce ultra low frequencies that the 1.618 could not reproduce and aid in overall low end musical reproduction. Low, flat and not "boomy" was priority one. This subwoofer project uses the 10" subwoofer driver which can deliver plenty of bottom end.

The enclosure design and model frequency response are shown below.
Ukuran Box Subwoofer 10

  • 10" 4 ohm subwoofer
  • O-Audio 500 Watt plate amplifier
  • Freq Response: 25Hz up to chosen x-over point.
  • Overall Dimension: 21"x 12.75"x 20"

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4,8W Class-A MOSFET Amplifier

This is very simple Class-A 2SK1058 MOSFET Amplifier circuit. It is easy to build it, Must use supply volte 24V at high current. It produces the most purest sound. I have no idea of distortion levels etc. but it has a very fine grain, and delicately textured quality.
4,8W  Class-A MOSFET Amplifier CircuitSkema Rangkaian 4,8W Class-A MOSFET Amplifier

2SK1058 Pin DiagramThis is one package 2SK1058 N-Channel MOSFET Pin Diagram

The four resistors are 15ohm and 10W each the which I wired two in series for 30 ohms and then the two sets of 30 ohms are wired in parallel to give a total resistance of 15 ohms. These get extremely hot and burn about 30W at idle.

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LM383 - Car Audio Amplifier Circuit

Circuit schematic shows the circuitry for a Class B amplifier with 8 Watt output, based on the LM383 chip. This amplifier circuit suited for automotive applications. High current capability (3.5A) en-ables the device to drive low impedance loads with low dis-tortion. The LM383 is Current Limited and thermally protected. High voltage protection is available (LM383A) the which enables the amplifier to withstand 40V transients on its supply. The LM383 comes in a 5-pin TO-220 package. By National Semiconductor Corporation
Amplifier berbasis LM383 Skema Rangkaian Car Audio Amplifier
berbasis LM383

That it's advised you use this with a LM383 chip Suitable heatsink.

LM383 chip pin
This is one package pinout of LM383 chip, If you need more pinouts please download LM383's pdf datasheet.

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