Sunday, October 30, 2011

LM383 - Car Audio Amplifier Circuit

Circuit schematic shows the circuitry for a Class B amplifier with 8 Watt output, based on the LM383 chip. This amplifier circuit suited for automotive applications. High current capability (3.5A) en-ables the device to drive low impedance loads with low dis-tortion. The LM383 is Current Limited and thermally protected. High voltage protection is available (LM383A) the which enables the amplifier to withstand 40V transients on its supply. The LM383 comes in a 5-pin TO-220 package. By National Semiconductor Corporation
Amplifier berbasis LM383 Skema Rangkaian Car Audio Amplifier
berbasis LM383

That it's advised you use this with a LM383 chip Suitable heatsink.

LM383 chip pin
This is one package pinout of LM383 chip, If you need more pinouts please download LM383's pdf datasheet.

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