Friday, June 10, 2011

Rangkaian Power Amplifier Blazer 1000 Watt

This is a audio power amplifier Blazer circuit provides up to 1000Watt . This interesting routes many good bass and treble alive. Importantly should choose Power supply source, which has been fairly high voltage class 70Vdc GND -70V 10A is the current low level

Rangkaian Power Amplifier Blazer 1000 WattSkema Rangkaian Power Amplifier Blazer 1000 Watt

The transistors are 2SC3858 (NPN) and 2SA1494 (PNP), and feature high bandwidth, excellent safe operating area, high linearity and high gain. Driver transistors are 2SC5200 (NPN) and 2SA1943 (PNP). All devices are rated at 230V, with the power transistors having a 150W dissipation and the drivers are 50W.

This circuit describes an amplifier, power supply and tests procedures that are all inherently dangerous. Nothing described in this article should even be considered unless you are fully experienced, know exactly what you are doing, and are willing to take full 100% responsibility for what you do. There are aspects of the design that may require analysis, fault-finding and/or modification.


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

500 Watt Inverter 12VDC to 220VAC

The circuit of 500 Watt Inverter 12VDC to 220VAC is made using a transistor. central component of this inverter circuit is a configuration of 2 pieces of transistors Q1 and Q2 which form a circuit of Flip-Flop. The output of the flip-flop Q1 and Q2 then in severance for each pulse to complement each other using a compiled circuit by Q3 and Q4. Output which complement each other is then given to the driver transistors Q5 and Q6 form the transistor 2SC1061. Power Inverters of this circuit is composed using parallel transistors Q7, Q8 and Q7x, Q8x a form of 2N3055 power transistor 10 pieces. schematic a complete of Inverter 500 Watt circuit can be seen as follows.
Rangkaian 500 Watt Inverter 12VDC to 220VACSkema Rangkaian 500 Watt Inverter
12VDC to 220VAC

Step up part of this inverter circuit using a transformer 12VCT/500VA in secondary and primary 0 - 220V. While the frequency is determined by the flip-flop which is set to 50 Hz.

  • Q7, Q8 and Q7x, Q8x require heat sink.
  • Output power of this dc dc converter is around 500 watts.
  • An optional 40A fuse can be added in circuit to the 12V supply line.
  • T1 can be a 12-CT-12V /250V/40A mains transformer.


12VDC – 220VAC Inverter Using Cmos CD4047

This inverter circuit will convert 12V DC power from battery to 22oV AC as home power replacement. The inverter can be used for small electronic appliances such as lamp, radio, phone charger, disk player etc.
12VDC – 220VAC inverter circuitSkema Rangkaian 12VDC – 220VAC Inverter
Using Cmos CD4047

CD4047 Pinout

The inverter circuit has a central component, the CMOS 4047, and converts a 12V DC voltage to 220V AC voltage. 4047 is utilised as a astable multivibrator. At pin 10 and 11 we find a rectangular symmetrically signal which is amplified by tow Darlington transistors T1 and T2 and finally reaches the secondary coil of a transformer network (2 x 10V/100VA). Primary coil terminals voltage is 220 alternative voltage. To obtain a better performance use a toroidal core transformer with reduced losses. With P1 the output frequency can be regulated between certain limits (50…400Hz).

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