Tuesday, June 07, 2011

12VDC – 220VAC Inverter Using Cmos CD4047

This inverter circuit will convert 12V DC power from battery to 22oV AC as home power replacement. The inverter can be used for small electronic appliances such as lamp, radio, phone charger, disk player etc.
12VDC – 220VAC inverter circuitSkema Rangkaian 12VDC – 220VAC Inverter
Using Cmos CD4047

CD4047 Pinout

The inverter circuit has a central component, the CMOS 4047, and converts a 12V DC voltage to 220V AC voltage. 4047 is utilised as a astable multivibrator. At pin 10 and 11 we find a rectangular symmetrically signal which is amplified by tow Darlington transistors T1 and T2 and finally reaches the secondary coil of a transformer network (2 x 10V/100VA). Primary coil terminals voltage is 220 alternative voltage. To obtain a better performance use a toroidal core transformer with reduced losses. With P1 the output frequency can be regulated between certain limits (50…400Hz).

This Circuit From: http://apowersupply.com

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