Monday, October 18, 2010

Rangkaian 220V Lamp Flasher

The 220V Lamp Flasher circuit basically is a line powered flasher which can be used in many applications such as the Chritmas lamp. Below is the circuit schematic diagram

Skema Rangkaian 220V Lamp Flasher

  • Input supply - 6 ~ 12 VDC
  • Output - upto 200 W lamp / bulb load
  • Optically isolated Mains supply
  • Onboard preset to adjust the frequency (speed) of flashing (1 Hz to 5 Hz)
  • Power Battery Terminal (PBT) for easy input 230 VAC mains and load connection
  • Terminal pins for connecting DC power supply
  • Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  • List Componet of 220V Lamp Flasher circuit
  • CN1: 6 V to 12 VDC voltage source
  • C1: 10uF/25V capacitor elektrolit
  • C2: 0.22uF/275V capacitor elektrolit
  • C3: 47uF/25V capacitor elektrolit
  • C4: 0.1uF/25V capacitor elektrolit
  • D1: LED
  • D2, D3: 1N4148 Dioda
  • PR1: 100K Variable resistor
  • PR2: 50K Variable resistor
  • Q1: TIC226 Triac
  • R1: 2k2 resistor 1/2 watt
  • R2, R5: 1K resistor 1/2 watt
  • R3: 180E resistor 1/2 watt
  • R4: 680E resistor 1/2 watt
  • U1: LM555 IC timer
  • U2: MOC3021
  • V1: 230V AC input
  • Z1: 100W Load
This circuit directly connected to the netting of electricity, voltage 220V electricity it could sting you. Avoid working in damp and directly with ground

Skema Rangkaian Elektronika