Friday, July 16, 2010

Cara Mrogram mikrokontroller AT89S52 Mengunakan Programmer 2.15

Mrogram mikrokontroller AT89S52 Via Programmer 2.15

Programmer 2.15 is a software specifically developed for programming, read, or erase the internal flash memory microcontroller AT89S52, Programmer2.15 also equipped with a text editor that can be used to create the program in 8051 assembler language and compiled directly in to the file hex

Programmer 2.15 windowPic 1. Programmer 2.15 window

How to use Programmer 2.15
  • Programmer2.25 is equipped with a text editor that functions to make programming in assembler language.
  • When finished making your program can compile directly using a shortcut assemblel / compile it (F9), if it found an error from the program list, programmer 2.51 will display an error message, and if there are no errors will appear the message "NO ERRORS FOUND"
  • after the compile process successfully you can directly write down (the download) to the flash memory at8951/52

How to program (to download) to the flash memory AT89S51/52

Assembler program that has been compiled with no errors can be directly in the programming or "the downloaded" to the flash memory AT89S51/52. Programmer 2.15 using parallel port for this download process. Also in need a special interface circuit such as circuit scheme is shown below.

rankaian antarmuka Programmer 2.15
rankaian antarmuka Programmer 2.15Pic 2. rankaian antarmuka Programmer 2.15

Before doing the download process needs to be done beforehand setting process, the setup process is done using a programming menu / setup (See figure 1.) Settings are done to select the parallel port address, memory lock bits mode, and determining conditions RST pin after the download process completed

Pic 3. settings window

  • Adjust settings such as the picture above
  • LPT1 address customize to your computer
  • Programmer2.15 suitable for programming (download) Microcontroller AT89S51/52
After doing the settings in the process of programming can be done through programflashmemory menu (F2)

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