Monday, January 10, 2011

Rangkaian 8038 frequency | Signal Generator

frequency | Signal Generator circuit is a circuit that produces a variety of different waveforms at a desired frequency. It can generate Sine waves, Square waves, Triangular and Sawtooth waveforms as well as other types of output waveforms. There are many "off-the-shelf" waveform generator IC's available and all can be incorporated into a circuit to produce the different periodic waveforms.

Rangkaian 8038 frequency | Signal Generator Skema Rangkaian 8038 frequency | Signal Generator

IC 8038 Pinout IC 8038 Pinout

One such device is the 8038 a precision waveform generator IC capable of producing sine, square and triangular output waveforms, with a minimum number of external components or adjustments. Its operating frequency range can be selected over eight decades of frequency, from 0.001Hz to 300kHz, by the correct choice of the external R-C components.

The frequency of oscillation is highly stable over a wide range of temperature and supply voltage changes and frequencies as high as 1MHz is possible. Each of the three basic waveform outputs, sine, triangle and square are simultaneously available from independent output terminals. The frequency range of the 8038 is voltage controllable but not a linear function. The triangle symmetry and hence the sine wave distortion are adjustable.

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