Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rangkaian Charger aki 6 Volt

Here is the circuit diagram of a low cost charger for 6 volt batteries. This circuit requires a regulated 10V-DC front end capable of supplying 2 Amps. Begins the charge period at 240mA and at full charge switches automatically to a float condition of 12mA. The capacitors should be the electrolytic 25V or greater.

Rangkaian Charger aki 6 VoltSkema Rangkaian Charger aki 6 Volt
Switching transistor T1 is an TIP31C NPN transistor, Si-Power Output/SW, with a TO-220 case and can be changed by using a appropriate substitute such as the NTE291, ECG291, etc. Timer/Oscillator U1 is a 8-pin NE555V and can be changed with a NTE955M or ECG955M. Resistors R4, R5, R6, and R7 are 1% metal film types.

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