Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bentuk Box|Kotak Speaker Yang baik

In addition to Volume speaker kotak|box, box shape also affect the sound in the generate. To get a box the size of the speakers can be read here.

form of box speakers(Bentuk Box) in the book actually does not have a written rule., But from some research done by the experts, form the most easily made with the results of which are quite good in terms of four and the worst in the form of a cube which is the size of all high, kedalamannya width and the same.

In addition to form, the use of bracing on the inside of the box is also highly recommended. Bracing as the brace is working out of the box as a deterrent and the occurrence of vertical waves (standing waves) that can disrupt the sound generated by the speaker. Vertical waves this can be overcome with the use of bracing and the use of glass wool reducer such as foam or the many available in the shops that sell electronic components. Installation glass wool should be thick on the walls in each box except the front wall of the reducer does not need to be coated. Too much of the reducer can be adjusted with any taste. If the bass sound produced is too hard, so should be added peredamnya but if sound basnya too teredam or even nearly lost, the need to reduced.

For comparison demensi length - width - depth and, some experts suggest a ratio (comparison) in order to obtain the right shower sound good. Suggest that there are 2.6: 1.6: 1 and have also suggested a comparison of 2: 1.4: 1

For example, for the volume of 15 liters, then we can specify the size of a high - width-depth with the ratio 2: 1: 1.4 as follows:

Specified width of 18 cm (1), high 18 cm x 2 = 36 cm (2), depth 18 cm x 1.4 = 25 cm .. Please note, this is the size of the box, so not including the thickness of the box to make.

Thickness of wood to be used should be used over a thickness of 1.5 cm is intended to get a strong box and vibration free. Wood is commonly used particle board or MDF, or the call type multiplek. Installation of speakers in the box is also important to consider. If possible, have well made the box so that the average speaker chassis with box or flush mounting is called normal. This is a very big influence on the emission of sound determine the quality of sound produced.

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