Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lampu Flip-Flop 2 transistor

Skema Rangkaian Of flip-flop lights These are so simple to use as match practice for learning electronics. For more details, please see the direct image bundle its schemes under the
Skema ragkian Lampu Flip-Flop
Gbr. Skema Rangkaian Lampu Flip-Flop

components List:
  • R1, R3: 22 kohm
  • R2, R4: 150 ohm
  • TR1, TR2: FCS913
  • C1, C2: 47 volt uF/16
  • Source Voltage: 3 to 12 Volt

Rangkaian of lights or fold some of the usual call to the Lamp is a flirtatious multivibrator-astabil (unstable multivibrator). Transistor in the second set of this stuff to dispatch and in turn so that the LED D1 and D2 will turn on and off alternately. Flame-speed turn off the LED is determined by the size of the capacitors C1 and C2. The greater the value of the capacitor will slowly change the frequency of the second flame-out LED lights. With the value of C1 = C2 then LED1 and LED2 akan flame-out with the same frequency.

The required voltage is 9 VDC. If using a 3 Volt power portion (2 pieces battery 1.5 Volt), R1 and R2 can be omitted and the LED cathode feet each connect directly to the collectors of transistors foot related.

Skema Rangkaian Elektronika