Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rangkaian Led Berjalan|Running Led

Rangkaian Led Berjalan|Running Led

Circuit of Led runs, led can be seen using, as an indicator while ic IC4017 is that it functions as a counter with the help of a clock generated by a 555 timer ic, slow movement which quickly led the flames quickly depending on the clock late in the output by the timer IC.

Led Berjalan|Running Led

List of Components used:
  • IC 4017
  • IC Ne 555
  • Led
  • R 4.7K
  • R 1K
  • VR 100K
  • C 10mf/16V
  • C 100nf
To change the mode from the line led to the form of a text can be done with the sort led to the form of the text that will vary in, just what you want when you led or will be up on a path or line of IC 4017 should be adding a series of brace.
series brace can use here or NPN transistors can also use the relay if the load would be greater

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