Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pengertian Daya dalam watt PMPO dan RMS

Compo sound device or active speaker with built-in speaker PMPO with generally stated, a value that is usually put in the large 500 watt PMPO, 1000 watt PMPO, or even more.

PMPO (peak music power output) and currents measured by the peak voltage that can be issued an amplifier. Unit size of PMPO power is not a standard. This size refers to the highest point of the sound that comes from a series of spiker. Value and each spiker and then combined, and reproducible. For example, with five surround spiker with power spiker each 10 Watt, the ability spiker is 100 Watts PMPO.

However, for practitioners engaged in the field of audio, this count does not become a criterion when choosing spiker. Counts RMS (Root Mean Square) is a trusted reference. This calculation will determine the average power output from a sound system spiker. This value is usually listed on the carton or product information with the extension "Watts RMS." The greater the value, meaning the output of the more forceful voice spiker.

Options RMS value also depends on taste. If you like the sound spiker bass rumble, then choose the spiker the RMS value to its high

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