Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rangkaian 10 Led Sound Meter

Rangkaian 10 led ini function to indicate the height level of sound, which in the show led with a flame Supply voltage is needed in the series is 3V to 20V. 10 led work if audio voltage into a series of valuable 1.3 volt

Rangkaian 10 Led Sound Meter using the IC LM3915N which can control up to 10 LED. There are 10 fruit komparator that compares the input voltage level of the voltage reference (pin 6). In the IC has a reference voltage source is available so that you no longer need a reference voltage source from the outside.

To increase the voltage reference can be done with installing resistor R1 and R2 (picture 1). Voltage reference that has been raised is not sensitive to changes in temperature and voltage portion. Reference voltage is used to control the voltage divider in the IC

Signal input (audio signal) should be first in the right direction, just half a wave, then enter pin 5. Signal input into the face of the brace by TR-1. Voltage that has been and is supported by a series of buffer TR-2. Output signal is taken from emiter TR-2 and a half in the direction the waves by D11, and filtered by R6, C4, and R8.

The level of input made by trimpot P1. 8-pin in the ground, so the reference voltage on pin 8 output of 1.25 volt (minimum) references provided in the high (pin 6). So that the flow out of the pin 7 is big enough to light a LED, then R9 is made quite small (390 ohm). Installation of C6 to prevent oscillation arising due to voltage LED is not filtered. S1 is a switch for selection of "fast" or "slow.
Rangkaian 10 Led  Sound MeterGambar Skema rangkaian 10 Led Sound Meter

Rangkaian 10 Led Sound Meter can be driven from the output deck. Pre-amp (tone control), or the output from the speaker. To continue from the speaker, given the custody of reducer 1 M ohm so that the incoming signal to a series of not too large. Settings range from the LED is done on the trimpot P1

components List.
  • R1 = 2k2 C1 = C3 = C5 = C6 = 2,2uF/16V
  • R2 = 1M5 C4 = 0,47uF/10V
  • R3 = 15k L1…L10 = LED
  • R4 = 220k D11 = IN4148
  • R5 = 2k7 T1 = T2 = 2SC828
  • R6 = 47 ohm IC = LM3915N
  • R7 = 10 ohm
  • R8 = 100k
  • R9 = 390 ohm
  • VR = 100k trimpot

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