Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rangkaian Speaker Protection|Pengaman

Circuit of speaker protekter this work to provide protection speaker from the dc leakage currents and also to protect the audio amplifier in the case of a short relationship
This Circuit also has advantages, namely: the case of consleting relationship with the speaker amplifier series will be lost directly, so that the speaker's safe to fire.time waiting or delay time is about 5 seconds, and can be changed with the change elco condenser C2 to the value of smaller. The time needed to open the relay back when the flow to be around 0.5 seconds. Or you can try using a series of under this scheme:

Circuit Diagram Of Speaker Protection

Speaker Protection
Skema Rangkaian Speaker Protection

R1=22Kohm C4-5=100uF 25V IC1=TL071
R2-3=390Kohm Q1=BC560C RL1=Relay 12VDc Omron G2R2
R4=470Kohm Q2-3-4=BC550C J1=3pin connector with 2.54mm step
R5=1Mohm Q5=BD139 J2=2pin connector with 2.54mm step
R6-7-8-9-10-12=10Kohm D1-2-3=1N4148 J3=2pin connector with 3.96mm step
R11=820 ohm D4=Green 5mm Led
C1-2-3=47uF 63V D5=Red 5mm Led

Skema Rangkaian Elektronika