Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rangkaian Pendeteksi kebocoran Gas

series of gas leak detection is a series of very useful to reduce the fire hazard in the leakage of gas sebabkan karna. karna time series to detect the existence of this gas, will enable a series of alarms or lights as a sign of danger. this series is suitable in use in the cost of housing karna perakitannya relatively cheap and simple. This alarm uses a gas sensor (TGS 815) that will detect the existence of gas. detection results will affect the relay

Skema Rangkaian Pendeteksi kebocoran gas
Gambar skema rangkaian pendeteksi kebocoran gas

description :
D1-d5: Diode Min 0.5 Ampere
Transformer (Trafo): 0-12 volt 0.5 Ampere
Z: Diode Zener 5,1Volt/0.5 watt
For the other as written in the series scheme

In this series of detention sensor will change when there is leakage. With changes in the value of this detention, the transistor base voltage will be changed (increased base voltage) so that the transistor T1 to be active. when the transistor T1 on, SCR get rigger so SCR on and relay active (change kutup). This relay can be used to control the lights, sirens or ALRM as if there is leakage of gas

this series work better if, in the place near the gas tube. so that in case of gas leakage, can know more in early

Skema Rangkaian Elektronika