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Rangkaian Penguat Tak Membalik/Differensial Op Amp 741

Penguat Operasional (Operasional Amplifier)

Brace OPERATIONAL (OP-AMP) is a series of integration (IC) that is capable of linier provide the very large and can be operated at intervals voltage which is quite big. Op-amp to be able to give up at the 100,000 for an op-amp in a series of open-Hubung until only of 1 (one) time when the cohort is used as a series of voltage (voltage FOLLOWER).

Penguat Tak Membalik

The following circuit schemes is an Op Amp is applied in a non-inverting amplifier mode, the output voltage (Vo) has the same phase with the input voltage (Vi). From the way the arrangement can be seen that the input signal is connected to input non-inverting Op-Amp, so the output signal has the same phase with the input signal.
Skema Rangkain Penguat Tak Membalik

As shown in the picture sequence above, the output voltage has the same phase with voltage inputs. The amount of strengthening the non-inverting circuit is determined from a comparison of the value of R1 and R2. Resistors R1 and R2 form a resistive divider network to provide the feedback voltage (VA) are needed to reverse the input.

Show that the gain of the amplifier is:
Output voltage can be calculated using the following formula:

Penguat Differensial

Penguat Differensial is a brace which the output voltage Vo is or is the result of the difference between the two voltage inputs on the terminal non-inverting and inverting it. General formula that applies to brace differensial is as follows:
Rangkaian differensial brace shown in Figure below.

 Penguat Differensial

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