Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rangkaian Lampu Neon (TL) 12 Volt

Rangkaian Lapu Neon (TL) 12 Volt function to set the lights Neon (TL) using voltage 12 Volt (12 volt batteray). This series is based 2N3055 transistor and some components that work as a series of oscilator Volet with feedback through the L1. Oscilator frequency of this work is influenced by the value of R, C and L

When the oscillation output from the collector, it will appear different on the high potential end of the L3. to make the shuttle can see in the image such as shown in Figure

Skema Rangkaian Lapu Neon (TL) 12 Volt
Skema Rangkain Lampu Neon (TL) 12 Volt

  • L1,L2 = 30 Lilit/0.8mm
  • L3 = 600 lilit/0.1mm
  • A point is represented polarity, while B is its opposite polarity.

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