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Rangkaian Konfigurasi Common Emitter dan Collector

Rangkain Konfigurasi Common Emitte

Transistor configuration that is most often found configuration Common Emitter (CE). Called the Common Emitter (CE) as the emitter on the side with the input and output.
Konfigurasi Common EmitteRangkain Konfigurasi Common Emitte

In this configuration, the relationship between the flow base, emitter and collector is fixed.
  • IE = IB + IC
In the configuration Emitter Common characteristics of the output is kurva between the output currents to the IC output voltage VCE at a flow rate range of input IB. Characteristics kurva input is the input current IB to the input voltage VBE on the value of output voltage VCE.
Rangkain Konfigurasi Common EmitteKurva Karakteritik Output & Kurva Karakteritik Input

Note that the output characteristics kurva, IB current does not horizontally as well as IE in common base configuration, the indicates that the collector-voltage emiter (VCE) affect the amount of current collector. Active area for common emitter configuration is a region in the top right where IB kurva flow near straight line (linear). In the picture, this region is located on the right-VCE sat and above kurva IB = 0. Area in the left-VCE sat is the saturation. Flow conditions on the collector IB = 0 is expressed as follows:

In DC mode, IB and IC level associated with a defined amount of beta:

In the specification / data sheet, βdc written hFE. To ac mode:

Ac strengthening also known as hfe. (note the difference with hFE) Βdc and βac generally worth the same as written and β only. The relationship between β and α are as follows:

With IC = βIB can also be derived:

Rangkaian Konfigurasi Common Collector

Common Collector configuration is generally used as a series of adjustments because Impedance Impedance has a high input and low output Impedance, contrary to the two previous configurations (CB and CE).
Characteristics of CC input configuration is the same as the characteristics of the CE configuration. Output characteristics is a plot of IE with the VEC for the values of IB, kurva form with the same characteristics as the output CE.
Rangkaian Konfigurasi Common Collector Rangkaian Konfigurasi Common Collector

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