Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teorema Thevenin - Analisis Rangkaian Elektronika

Teorema Thevenin untuk menganalisis Rangkaian DC

Thevenin theorems states that any two of the series can be converted into an equivalent set of which consists of a voltage source thevenin (ETH) and a resistans equivalent thevenin (RTH) is in series with voltage source thevenin.

Steps to find the rope thevenin is:
1. Specify two of the series who want to search string thevenin it.

2. Determine the amount of voltage thevenin (ETH), namely the voltage between two terminals which want to search a series of rope thevenin it.

3. Specify the size of the resistans thevenin (RTH) is equivalent resistans a review / calculated from the two-terminal series who want to search string theveninnya. At the time resistans thevenin determine this, all sources should be eliminated. Voltage source into a series of short relationships and sources of flow into a series of open relationship.

4. Strand thevenin its image.

Specify thevenin strand of a series that is connected to resistor R3 on the image below!
Teorema Thevenin

specify the first series who want to search thevenin its rope, as the picture below:
Teorema Thevenin

Then specify the ETH:
Teorema Thevenin

ETH is the same as the voltage between the terminal R2
Teorema Thevenin

Determining RTH:
Eliminate all sources used in the series. Thus the voltage source into a series of short Hubung (V = 0). Series is to be:
Teorema Thevenin

then, its thevenin strand shown in the picture below
Teorema Thevenin

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