Thursday, July 16, 2009

Memory Digital|Gerbang Logika Fip-Flop (FF)

Flip-flop is Multivibrator families that have two or keadaaan called Bistobil stable Multivibrator. A series of flip-flop has sekuensial because of the nature of the system is set with the hours or credits, the systems are working in sync with the row balance berperiode T called the system clock (System Clock or truncated to CK).

function of a series of flip-flop that is the main memory (store information) 1 bit or a 1 bit storage cells. In addition, flip-flop can also be used on the set of Shift Register, Counter, and a series of others.

1. RS-FF (the bundle of NAND gate)

Truth table gerbang Logika RS-FF

2. RS - FF with Clock
With the Clock will make a working FF-RS synchronously or active sync

Truth table gerbang Logika RS-FF With Clock

shortage that occurred in the RS Flip-flop is at the R = 1, S = 1 should be avoided (may not happen). One way to overcome this is to allow only an input only. FF-D is able to resolve the issue.

Truth table gerbang Logika FLIP-FLOP D

Implementation of the gate / JK-FF series and its logic symbol
the picture is as follows:

Truth table gerbang Logika FLIP-FLOP JK

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