Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rangkaian Subwoofer 200 watt

If we walk in the shop or mall and see the electronic equipment is high end, so sometimes we desire to have the equipment, for example, we see that a subwoofer bass sound is so excite. but for the price of our audio equipment may still include expensive

As an electrician we have any idea, how to make a quality subwoofer, such as not lose it in the store, but with an affordable cost.

Music of heave fluty, plus the subwoofer with the boom of the formations, it is that we want to show in this project. a series of simple and inexpensive numun able to meet the conditions above.
Skema Rangkaian Subwoofer Skema rangkaian Subwoofer

Active Subwoofer (rangkaian subwoofer) is a series of Simple and simple before trying this series to prepare yourself to listen to the crack formations that will be generated by this series. power amplifier for its series, please use the power that you like our previous post. However, to use the results of the maximal power with a higher power. for example, using the power that has STK4050 power 200 watt.

To suuplay series of the above you can use the IC regulator 7815 and 7915 or more can be seen here

Skema Rangkaian Elektronika