Friday, May 02, 2008

Rangkaian Power Amplifier

In earlier times the amplifier assembly is the product of the simplest class amplifier. Enthusiasts is the salt of the amplifier can not afford to buy the manufacturer. But this time was different, because the amplifier assembly today its luxury-performance luxury. Even the upscale audiophile many degressive come down to make homemade amplifiers Factors that support the rapid development of this amplifier is assembled, because today we are able to buy electronic components high-end class, the electronics shops nearby. Also this time have many amplifiers appear builder experienced elbow.

To make a good amplifier assembly, components best use is not the only measure, which is more important than that is a builder who used it. Many people mistakenly think in assembling, they think that using the the best components entirely the result must be the best too. Do-think like that often do not get a satisfactory result assembly. To get the maximum assembly required an experienced builder.

An experienced builder to make the amplifier like a chef cooking process, he mixed all the components of the reply to the cheap cost of good to bad all stirred together until the dough is created by the outcome of a dainty for the listener's ears. Where is the bass voice was soft and melodic, treble voice sounded like sticky rice crispy, and the singers vocals sound round and delicious

Here are some schemes audio power amplifier circuit (rangkaian power amplifier) which you can try:

Amplifier LA4440
Amplifier stereo TDA2004
Amplifier Hi-fi TDA 2616
Amplifier TDA2030
Amplifier 68 watt LM3886
Amplifier 12 volt Hifi
Amplifier 6 volt
Amplifier mosfet 60watt
Power amplifier IC LM12
Power amplifier 500 watt
Amplifier sanken 1000 watt
Power amplifier 2000 watt
Power amplifier 2N3055
Power amplifier MJ15003 -MJ15004
Power amplifier stereo 50 watt STK 4192

Sub-Woofer Amplifier 100 watt
Membuat power amplifier BTL
Indicator daya audio amplifier
Daftar transistor power
Rangkaian subwoofer

Skema Rangkaian Elektronika