Friday, January 15, 2010

Rangkaian 8Watt Audio Amplifier TDA2030

Audio TDA2030

This is a circuit of 8-watt audio amplifier IC TDA2030-based mono. When you use 4 ohm speakers then you get 14 watts output power, and around 8 watts if you use 8 ohm loudspeaker.

audio amplifier TDA2030Skema rangkaian audio TDA2030

Although the TDA2030 is capable of delivering 20 watts of audio power, I deliberately reduced the output to about 8 watts to 10 watts drive speakers. This is more than adequate for a smaller room. Input sensitivity is 200mV. Higher input levels naturally will give greater output, but no distortion should be heard. The gain is set by the 47k and 1.5k resistors. The TDA2030 IC is affordable and makes a good replacement amplifier for low to medium audio power systems. Incidentally, it is speaker efficiency that determines how "loud" the sound is. Speaker efficiency or sound pressure level (SPL) is usually quoted in dB / meter. A speaker with an SPL of 97dB / m will sound louder than a speaker with an SPL of 95dB / m.

Absolute Maximum Ratings IC TDA2030

Supply voltage ± 18 (36) V
Input voltage Vs
Differential input voltage ± 15 V
Output peak current (internally limited) 3.5 A
Power dissipation at Tcase = 90°C 20 W
Tj Stoprage and junction temperature -40 to 150 °C

IC TDA2030 pinning

Kit Amplifier TDA2030

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