Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Rangkaian Pemancar TV|Video Sederhana

Pemancar TV|Video PAL

The following is a series of simple TV transmitter using negative using sound modulation and PAL video modulation. This is suitable for countries using TV systems B and G.

rangkaian pemancar TV|VideoSkema rangkaian pemancar TV|Video sederhana

This circuit will be illegal in some countries

The frequency of the transmitter lies within VHF and VLF range on the TV channel, however this circuit has not been tested at UHF frequencies. The modulated sound signal contains 5.5-6MHz by tuning C5. Sound modulation is FM and is compatible with UK System I sound. The transmitter however is working at VHF frequencies between 54 and 216MHz and therefore compatible only with countries using Pal System B and Pal System G.

Inductor L1 can be made by wire email (24SWG) 4 convolution with 6mm diameter and T1 can be used with a radio frequency transformer internal capacitor. (Can be found on the old transistor radios).

List Componet of TV transmitter circuit
  • R1 = 10KOhm
  • R2 = 47KOhm
  • R3 = 15KOhm
  • R4 = 8.2KOhm
  • R5 = 47KOhm
  • R6 = 47KOhm
  • Variable resistor R7 = 1Kohm
  • R8 = 75Ohm
  • C1 = 10uF / capacitor 25Volt electrolik
  • C2 = 0.001uf / 10nF ceramic capacitor
  • C3 = 100nF
  • C4 = 10nf
  • C5 = 47pF (variable capacitors)
  • C6 = 10nF
  • C7 = 10pF
  • C8 = 27pF
  • C9 = 100nF
  • C10 = 470uF
  • C11 = 10nF
  • C12 = 220uF / 25Volt
  • Q1 = BC547 NPN transistor
  • Q2 = BC547 NPN transistor
  • T1 = T1 can use the radio frequency transformer with a built in capacitor. (Can be found on the old transistor radio board).
  • L1 = 4 turns of copper enamel 24SWG on 6mm diameter: with a plastic core

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