Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 - 6 volt Mini amplifier

Rangkaian 3 volt Mini amplifier

This is a mini 2W audio amplifier is suitable for small handheld radios and other portable audio gadgets. The amplifier circuit can be run from 3Volt. This Mercury is ideal for battery operated module. The potentiometer circuit can be used to control volume. Capacitor C1 and C2 are designed to filter supplyvoltage If the battery separator is used as operations offer source.For using batteries C1 and C2 are not required.

Rangkain Mini AmplifierSkema Rangkain 3 volt Mini Amplifier

TDA7052 is a mono output amplifier in 8-comng Head DI package (DIP). The device is designed primarily for battery-operated portable audio circuits. Features include TDA 7052, no external components needed, no switch-on or switch-off button sounds great overall stability and very low power consumption (quiescent current of 4 mA), low THD, it is not necessary any cooler and short-circuit proof.

Profit TDA 7052 is set internally at 40 dB. . Compensate for the reduction of output power due to low voltage TDA7052 uses Bridge-Tied-Load principle(BTL), which can provide power about 1 to 2 W RMS (THD = 10%), 8 ohm load to the power supply 6 V.

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