Saturday, August 29, 2009

Power Amplifier Sanken 1000 watt

This is a circuit of 1000watt power amplifier. This time I don't have a picture to the circuit board, but because the amplifier circuit is quite simple, you can design it yourself PCB easily or you can order it at the store PCB audio kit in the center of electronic singosaren oriental, solo.

amplifier 1000 watt
Skema Rangkaian Sanken 1000 watt

The assemble cables for DC power supply and output transistors must be large, use size 1.5-3mm for large current passed. The supply used transformer with 20A/45Ct and at least 4x10000uf/80 volt capasitor. this circuit is able to supply power 10000watt therefore the power transistor will be very hot, give good cooling fan on the power transisitor

Transitor alternative to replacement of the 2SA1494 is 2SA1216 From SANKEN. The transistor has a 200-350 watt power dissipation of each pair so that for long-term operation of more durable. Keep in mind, usually sold a pair of power transistors with its complement, so you can not buy 2SC2922 alone without 2SA1216 or 2SA1494 without 2SC3858. The price range for transitor tsb is 30-40 thousand Rupiah / pair.

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