Saturday, August 01, 2009

Rangkaian pemancar FM sedehana

Rangkaian pemancar FM sedehana

mini fm transmitter has a range of about 300-400 meters, when using a 9 volt voltage of the power scattered around 300 meters, and when using a voltage of 12 volt then reach around 400-450 meters, depending on the antenna in use.

For L1 and l2 twist it 5 times roll, you can use the pen cartridge to wind it so neat and after the finish remove the contents pen cartridge page. C5 is used for placement frequency. can tune in between 88-108 Mhz, to reach more use referrer antenna (yagi antenna).

Rankaian Pemancar FMSkema Rangkaian Pemancar FM

List of components:
  • C1 = 0.001uf
  • C2 = 5.6pf
  • C3, C4 = 10uf / 16V (ELCO)
  • C5 = 3-18pf (Adjustable Cap)
  • R1 = 270 Ohm 1/4W
  • R2, R5, R6 = 4.7k 1/4W
  • R3 = 10K 1/4W
  • R4 = 100K 1/4W
  • Q1, Q2 = 2N2222A (NPN transistors) or 2N3904
  • L1, L2 = 5 Turn Air Core Coil
  • MIC = Electret Microphone
  • 9V Battery, PC Board, Wire For Antenna
This series can be arranged under the Frequency 88 Mhz 188 Mhz or above depending on our desires. Test transmitter must be repeated for coverage and that no signal fraction of the commercial broadcast radio or television station about the location

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