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Rangkaian ADC 0804 Mode Free ranning

Rangkaian ADC 0804 Mode Free ranning

Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) is a device that is designed to change analog signals into digital signals. IC ADC 0804 is to work smarter by adding a few components in accordance with the specifications that must be provided and can quickly convert an input voltage. Things that also need to be in the use of ADC ADC 0804 is the maximum voltage that can be converted by the ADC's range of signal, resolution, time an external ADC, the output type, accuracy and time conversions.

Some important characteristics of ADC:
1. Time conversion
2. Resolution
3. ketidaklinieran
4. Accuracy

Skema rangkaian under the ADC is used to change the input analog data into digital 8 bit. ADC is used in the ADC 0804 workplace free running mode.
Rangkaian ADC  Mode Free ranningSkema Rangkaian ADC 0804 Mode Free ranning

To create a working mode ADC 0804 to be free running, it must be known how the sequence of value-at-RD and WR, and changes in the value-intr. The sequence of values in the RD-, WR-changes in the value-Intr shown in the Table.

Working mode free running ADC obtained if -RD and -CS linked to the ground in order to get a logic 0 so that the ADC is always active and ready to provide data. Pin -WR and -Intr made it one because it changes the logic -ITNR same logic to the changes in the WR so that the logic on -WR conducted automatically by the output -intr

Rated voltage input (vx) of an ADC in general can be formulated as follows:

VX = voltage input
Vref = reference voltage

While the resolution of an ADC in general can be formulated as follows:

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