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Rangkaian Radio Remote Control Mobil Mainan

Rangkaian Remote Control Mobil Mainan

In this system, radio signals emanated not continue to be raised but only when the controller sends the right / left or forward / backward, that is only a radio frequency that discontinuous,so that the credit delivery frequency radio waves.

The amount of credit that is sent to represent the command post, the forward was represented with 8 credits, left represented with 16 credits, 32 credits right and Backward 64 credits. Commands can be sent is a combination of 2 commands, namely the combination of forward / backward and right / left, as an example can be sent forward and the left, in this case the amount of credit that is sent 24, the Answer of the forward and the balance of 8 the left as many as 16 credits.

Making transformer TX and RX:
Transformer T1 in series transmitter and recipient, is the same, and must be made. Transformer was built using plastic koker transformer (spare part radio) so that the step appears to have 5 channels that can be filled with a wire coil, as shown in the picture. Wearing this koker facilitate scrolling wire transformer. If it can not be koker like that, just use the normal. Koker transformer is small and ferit is also small (3 mm) as the first assembly is often used for CB 27 MHz radio.

Transformer wire to wire to use in the unloading of koker, and slowly open the wire coil inside the existing wire koker because it is quite smooth and easy to drop out
  • coil wire from the foot of the number to 5 feet 4 hours direction (CW) of 3-and-roll at level 1 (line at the bottom line above)
  • Scroll through the wire from 1 foot to 2 feet clockwise roll of 4 on the exact level 2.
  • Continue to roll (from step 2) clockwise a quarter roll of 3 to 3 feet in three levels. (You can set exactly a quarter roll, because the path that has kokernya be split into 4).
Making coil L1
Scroll through the copper wire diameter size of 0.3 - 0.5 mm of 10 quarter roll koker in diameter about 4 mm (which will be released later) is also clockwis

Making coil L2
Scroll through the copper wire diameter of 0.1 mm sizes of 50 on the roll without koker plastic ferit diameter about 3.5 - 4 mm (search item from the plastic material used) is also clockwise. The length of the coil along liputi in 5 mm.

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