Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rangkaian Variable frequency oscillator

555 timer IC provides practical solutions and relatively inexpensive for a variety of electronic applications related to the timing (timing). Especially two of the most popular application is a series of monostable and astable timing. The main components of this IC consists of comparators and flip-flop is realized with a lot of transistors.

The principle component of this type of work does not change but each manufacturer makes the IC design and technology different. Almost all manufacturers make this type of component, although with a different. For example National Semiconductor LM555 call it, Philips and Texas Instruments SE/NE555 call. Motorola / ON-Semi designed with CMOS transistors that power consumption was small enough and called it MC1455. Philips and Maxim make his version of the CMOS ICM7555 name. Although different names, but the function of each diagram and pin compatible with each other. It's just that there are several different specific characteristics such as power consumption, maximum frequency and so on.

Variable frequency oscillator
Variable frequency oscillatorSkema Rangkaian Variable frequency oscillator

HereNE55 is wired as an astable multivibrator ,whose out put frequency can be varied by varying a potentiometer.This circuit is a must in the work bench of a electronic hobbyist.Frequencies ranging from several Hz to several KHz can be obtained using this circuit.For very low frequencies (few Hz) replace C with a higher value electrolytic capacitor.

The values of R and C can be obtained using the following equations.

1/f = 0.69 * C * ( R1 + 2*R2).

% duty cycle = 100*(R1+R2)/(R1+ 2*R2) .

The good option is to select R1 in K Ohms and R2 in M Ohms.

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