Sunday, August 30, 2009

Video Cara Mudah membuat PCB

How to make PCBs below my experience is the most practical, but the cost is very low, the result is no less attractive and neat compared to using the media Transfer Paper (original) the price quite expensive or printing etc that would be more complicated. Most of my friends probably already familiar with this method, but for others it never hurts to be used as an alternative.

Its very simple! watch the below video! What you all need is a circuit diagram, copper clads, sand papers, a printer, computer & an iron! You are done! I will explain the entire process later in words!

Video membuat PCB using Printer-leser

This video sows How to etch PCB using Ferric Chloride. You can do this in home in a simple way. Me too have done etching in home using Ferric Choride before & I am sure you will love this post.

Video membuat PCB using Ferric Chloride

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