Monday, August 03, 2009

Control|Pengendali Suhu Ruangan Menggunakan LM 35/TL431

Control|Pengendali Suhu Ruangan Menggunakan LM 35/TL431

IC LM 35 or TL 431 as a temperature sensor and a carefully shaped Integrated Circuit (IC), where the output voltage output is linear with the temperature changes. This sensor functions as a change of scale fisis temperature to the amount of voltage that has a coefficient of 10 mv / ° C which means that increases in temperature 1 ° C increase will occur then the voltage of 10 MV.

IC LM 35 / TL 431 does not require calibration or adjustment from the outside because of its accuracy until approximately a quarter degree centigrade temperature in the room. Term sensor from - 55 ° C to 150 ° C, IC LM35 / TL 431 is very easy to use, as the work of the indicator display control portion power split. IC LM35/TL431 can absorb a flow of 60 m from supplay so that the heat caused a very low own less
from 0 ° C in room temperature.

in the image on the scheme following a series of show in one of the application of the IC LM 35 / TL 431 temperature sensor as the room temperature controller
Rangkaian Control|Pengendali Suhu RuanganSkema Rangkaian Control|Pengendali Suhu Ruangan

Rangkaian Control|Pengendali Suhu an electronic circuit that can be used as automatic temperature control aapplication. The circuit switches a miniature relay ON or OFF according to the temperature detected by the one-chip temperature sensor LM35. When the LM35 detects a temperature higher than the preset level (set by VR1), the relay is actuated. When the temperature falls below the preset temperature, relay is de-energized. The circuit can be powered by any AC or DC 12V supply or battery (100mA min.)

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