Sunday, August 09, 2009

Lampu Led Emergency|otomatis, Battery 6 volt

Lampu led emergency|otomatis dengan battery 6 volt

LED (Light Emitting diode) is used almost in most electronic devices such as television, radio cassette, musical instruments, health equipment, testing devices, automotive, and others, as an indicator or signal light.

LED has many advantages rather than the other, such as: The age of a very long life, a power which is very small (energy), the response of a very fast and good.

In 1999 Philips Lumileds Lighting Company is expected to find a LED that can replace the function of light used for illumination. LED light is out with a very bright white. LUXEON LED is called. R & D office located Lumileds in San Jose and Penang (Malaysia). LUXEON presence makes a variety of new opportunities in applications that require bright light with a compact size.

following is the circuit diagram of a low cost emergency based on white light white LED LED. The provide very bright light which turns on when the mains supply is not there. The circuit has an automatic charger which stops charging when the battery is fully charged

Automatic LED Emergency Light Skema Rangkaian Lampu Led Emergency

The IC LM 317 produces a regulated 7 V for the charging of Battery.Transistor BD 140 drives the out put.Transistor BC 548 and Zener diode controls the charging of the battery.

It is always better to connect a heat sink with BD 140.Before using the circuit out put of LM317 must be set to 7V by adjusting the potentiometer.

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