Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rangkaian VU meter | Audio level Meter

Rangkaian VU meter is one of the monitor to see a top-level audio systems. VU meter display uses LED as its quick response time, operate at low voltage and small current, so kompatible with a series of integrated design.

VU meter using the IC LM3915N which can control up to 10 LED. There are 10 fruit komparator that compares the input voltage level of the voltage reference (pin 6). In the IC has a reference voltage source is available so that you no longer need a reference voltage source from the outside.

To increase the voltage reference can be made with the setting VR2. Voltage reference that has been raised is not sensitive to changes in temperature and voltage portion. Reference voltage is used to control the voltage divider in the IC.

Rangkaian VU meters this series is quite simple, 1 IC and a few other supporting components. This series led the 10, the input voltage is 12V to 20 V but usually menggunkan voltage 12 Volt.

Skema rangkaian Vu meter

after a rangkaian of vu meters connected to the audio brace, brace maximize the volume of the audio, setting vr 10k so all led u.

Skema Rangkaian Elektronika