Thursday, July 02, 2009

Rangkaian game 7-segmen

Rangkaian game  7-segmen

Skema Rangkaian game 7-segmen

You can play this game alone or with your friends. The circuit comprises a timer IC, two meters of decade and a driver of posting with a posting of segment 7. The play is simple. Like city above, it is a play of marking and the competitor which marks 100 points quickly (in short stages) is gaining it. To mark, one with the option to press the S2 switch or S3. Commutate S2, once pressed, realize against counting in the direction forwards, whereas the S3 switch helps to count in bottom. Before beginning a fresh play, and for this matter even a fresh movement, you must press on the S1 switch to give to zero the circuit. Then, press on the two switches the ones of, C. - with-D. S2 or S3. On pressing on the switch S2 or S3, the exits of the BCD of the meter change very quickly and when you release the switch, last remainders of number locked with the output of IC2. The locked number of BCD entered the BCD to the decoder of 7 segments/au conducting IC3 which leads a posting DIS1 of common-anode. However, you can read this number only when you press on the S4 switch. The order of the operations to play the (Rangkaian game 7-segmen) game enters, indicate that the `X of two players and Y, are recapitulated below:

  • The `X of player starts by pressing temporary contact STRONG CURRENT S1 followed by pressing and release of the S2 switch or S3. Then it supports on the S4 switch to read posting (points) and of the notes in bottom of this number (known as X1) manually.
  • The `Y of player also starts by pressing temporary S1 switch followed by the pressing of the S2 switch or S3 and note then in bottom of its points (known as Y1), after having pressed on the S4 switch, exactly of the same mode as made by the first player.
  • The `X of player still presses on the S1 switch and repeats the stages shown in stage 1 above and the notes in bottom of its new points (said, X2). He adds these points to his preceding points. The same process is repeated by the `Y of player in his turn.
  • The play continues up to the points reached by one of the two totals of players until or exceeds 100, to be declared as gaining.
  • Several players can take part in this play, with each one which obtains a chance to mark during its own turn. The assembly can be made using a universal council. Fix posting (LED and posting of segment 7) on the box with the three switches. The supply voltage for the circuit is 5V

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