Friday, September 25, 2009

Rangkaian Pre-Amp Sepul Gitar

This is a pre-amp guitar circuit suitable for high impedance type electric guitar pickups. The circuit is based on a uA 741 op-amp (IC1). The IC1 is wired as a non-inverting amplifier. Resistor Variable R1 can be used as a volume controller. Resistor Variable R6 can be used as tone controller. The switch S1 is used to produce “brilliant” or “soft” tonal effects.

Pre-Amp Sepul Gitar

Skema rangkaian Pre-Amp sepul gitar

Description Op-Amp UA741

The UA741 is a high performance monolithic operational amplifier constructed on a single silicon chip. It is intented for a wide range of analog applications.

* Summing amplifier
* Voltage follower
* Integrator
* Active filter
* Function generator

The high gain and wide range of operating voltages provide superior performances in integrator, summing amplifier and general feedback applications. The internal compensation network (6dB/ octave) insures stability in closed loop circuits.

Data max Ic UA741

* Symbol Parameter UA741M UA741I UA741C Unit
* Supply voltage (VCC) ±22 V
* Differential Input Voltage (Vid ) ±30 V
* Input Voltage (Vi ) ±15 V
* Power Dissipation (Ptot) 500 mW
* Storage Temperature Range (Tstg) -65 to +150 °C.

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