Friday, October 09, 2009

Rangkaian Crossover Pasif

Crossover is a tool to limit the "frequency range" to be accepted by the speaker. Imagine the crossover act as police at a traffic, which regulates the flow to the tweeter, the midrange and bass to the subwoofer.

Imagine if there was no crossover, the frequency will be chaos, there is a low frequency stray in tweeter, high frekwesni stray into the subwoofer, so it is not effective and also if there are strange treble sounds in the bass , and also can be broken tweeter for bass voice. so need to let it all directional crossover.

Rangkaian  Crossover Pasif Skema rangkaian crossover pasif

  • Capacitor must be non-polar capacitor types with a voltage rating of 50 volt or more (preferably 100 volt).
  • Capacitor may be paralled to achieve specified values.
  • Resistors should be 100 Watts or more.

Cara menentukan nilai induktor

This is the formula to calculate the inductance value of an inductor. Of course, this formula can be inverted to calculate the number of inductor winding inductance if its value is determined.

menentukan Nilai induktor
  • L: inductance in H (Henry)
  • m: permeability core (core), m = 1 (Special inductor without core / winding water)
  • mo: vacuum air permeability, mo = 4p x 10-7
  • N: number of inductor winding
  • A: inductors sectional area (m2)
  • l: length of the inductor (m)

Skema Rangkaian Elektronika