Monday, March 22, 2010

Sistem Minimum Mikrokontroler AT89C51|AT89C52

The minimum system is AT89C51/AT89C52 microcontroller electronic circuits the minimum necessary to the operation of microcontroller IC. This circuit can then be connected to other circuits to perform certain functions or can be added with other complementary circuit to become a more complete system and has more functions.

Rangkaian Sistem Minimum Mikrokontroler  AT89C52|AT89C52Rangkaian Sistem Minimum Mikrokontroler

AT89S51/52 microcontroller is the latest version than the AT89C51 microcontroller has been widely used today. AT89S52 microcontroller is a CMOS 8-bit microcomputers with 8KB Flash Programmable and Erasable Read Only Memory (PEROM). Mikrokontroler tech non-volatile memory of the Atmel Cleaner density is, compatible with industry standard microcontroller MCS-51, either pin IC and the instruction set and the price is quite cheap. Therefore, it is precisely when we study this type of microcontroller.

Important specifications owned AT89S52 Microcontroller:
  • Compatible with previous MCS51 microcontroller family
  • 8 K Bytes • In system programmable (ISP) flash memory with capacity 1000 times read / write
  • 4-labor voltage 5.0V
  • Working with a range of 0 - 33MHz
  • Internal RAM 256x8 bits
  • 32 channels of I / 0 may be programmed
  • 3 pieces 16-bit Timer / Counter
  • 8 interrupt sources
  • Full duplex serial channel UART
  • watchdog timer
  • Dual data pointers
  • ISP programming mode flexible (Byte and Page Mode)

Pinning Mikrokontroler AT89C52|AT89C52Pinning Mikrokontroler AT89C52|AT89C52

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