Monday, March 01, 2010

Rangkaian Pengukur Induktansi (Inductance Meter)


An inductor is a passive electronic component that can store energy in magnetic fields generated by electric current through it. Inductor's ability to store magnetic energy is determined by induktansinya

Inductance (L) (measured in Henry) is the effect of the magnetic field formed around the current carrying conductor that is holding the current changes. The electric current through the conductor makes the magnetic field is proportional to the magnitude of the flow. Changes in the flow causes the magnetic field changes that result in the opposite electromotive force induced by GGL that are against changing the current.

Rangkaian Pengukur Induktansi (Inductance Meter )

This inductance meter is capable of measuring inductor value. Inductance meter is very helpful in designing coil by hand and measure the inductance from trial and error to get the required value. The Inductance meter is designed to provide twi measurement range. The low range will measure inductors with inductance value between 3uH to 500uH, and the high range will measure inductance values between 100uH and 5mH.

Rangkaian Pengukur Induktansi
Skema Rangkaian Pengukur Induktansi

To calibrate this inductance meter adapter, connect a digital voltmeter, swith the voltmeter to 200 mV range, short the test probe and adjust the zero (R1) to give zero millivolt reading on your digital voltmeter. To calibrate the low range of this inductance meter adapter, switch the voltmeter to low range position, and select 2 V range for the digital voltmeter. Test a known inductor that has value around 400uH, adjust the low calibration pot to give correct reading of 1mV / uH. If you use a 400uH inductor then you must adjust the calibration to give exactly a 400mV reading. For high range calibration, switch the range selector to high position and use a known inductor around 5 mH, adjust the high calibration pot to give 100mV per mH. A 5 mH inductor should give a 500mV reading on your DVM.

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