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Sistem Minimum Mikrokontroler ATmega8535

Minimum System ATmega8535 microcontroller, is the minimum necessary circuits for the operation of the microcontroller IC, then this minimum circuit can be connected with other circuits to perform certain functions. In the AVR microcontroller family, Atmega8535 series is one series that is very widely used.

 Rangkaian Sistem Minimum Mikrokontroler ATmega8535 Skema Rangkaian Sistem Minimum
Mikrokontroler ATmega8535

To make this ATmega8535 microcontroller minimum system required several components, namely:
  • ATmega8535 microcontroller IC
  • 1 XTAL 4 MHz or 8 MHz (XTAL1)
  • 3 paper capacitors, two 22 pF (C2 and C3) and 100 nF (C4)
  • a 4.7 UF electrolytic capacitors (C12) 2 is 100 ohm resistor (R1) and 10 Kohm (R3)
  • 1 reset button pushbutton (PB1
  • DC 5V voltage regulator
Briefly, ATMega8535 has several capabilities:
  • Microcontroller based 8-bit RISC with a maximum speed of 16 MHz.
  • Has 8 KB of flash memory, SRAM and 512 bytes of EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) of 512 bytes.
  • Having the ADC (analog converter-to-digital) 10 bit internal precision of 8 channel.
  • Has a PWM (Pulse Wide Modulation) as much as four internal channels.
  • Serial communication port (USART), with maximum speed of 2.5 Mbps.
  • Six options sleep mode, to save the use of electric power.
ATmega8535ATmega8535ATmega8535 Pinning

ATMega8535 microcontroller has 40 pins for the model PDIP. The names of the pins on the microcontroller are
  • VCC for the positive power supply voltage.
  • GND to the negative power supply voltage.
  • Porta (PA0 - PA7) as a port Input / Output and has other capabilities as an input to the ADC is
  • PortB (PB0 - PB7) as a port input / output and also has other capabilities.
  • PortC (PC0 - PC7) as a port Input / Output to ATMega8535.
  • PortD (PD0 - PD7) as a port input / output and also has other capabilities.
  • RESET for resetting the program in the microcontroller.
  • XTAL1 and XTAL2 to input clock signal generator.
  • AVCC for the power supply voltage input pin for the ADC.
  • Aref for ADC reference voltage pin.

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