Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Megabass Circuit

The following is megabass circuit schematic (rangkaian megabass) . The megabass circuit is a modified Baxandall tone control with no bass cut and no treble control. It boosts frequencies from about 30Hz to 160Hz can boost by 14dB.
Rangkaian megabass Skema Rangkaian megabass

  • The input capacitor can be replaced with a .01uf cap if you wish.
  • The 10pf capacitor is optional and will start rolling off everything over 15kHz. 5pf will double this to 31kHz.
  • The tone control requires a low impedence input. If you already have a low impedence input, the input buffer can be removed. However, the output is inverted.
  • The opamp is not critical. A 4558 would be just fine.
  • I do not show the parts for the +4.5 reference. Here is the +4.5 voltage divider I used.
IC A4558 Pinning IC A4558 Pinning

The A4558 is a monolithic Integrated Circuit designed for dual operational amplifier.

Absolute maximum ratings of A4558 Ap-amp
  • Supply voltage VCC 20 or ±10 V
  • Differential input voltage VIND 20 V
  • Input voltage VIN ±10 V
  • Power Dissipation PD 300 mW
  • Operating temperature Topr -45 ~ +85 °C
  • Storage temperature Tstg -55 ~ +150 °C

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