Wednesday, November 24, 2010

220 Volt Disco Lamp circuit

This disco lamp circuit is not a voice operated switch (VOX) because this circuit is too dumb to differentiate between musical sound or human voice. This is rather a sound activated than voice activated. One interesting application is to control your disco lighting automatically by the musical sound from high power amplifier, when the music signal is dominating the sound space. The disco lamp circuit schematic diagram is shown below.
220 Volt Disco Lamp circuit
You can use either moving coil microphone or condenser microphone for this circuit. Make sure the electrolytic capacitor is rated for 16 volt or more. The potentiometer shown in the schematic diagram is used to adjust the gain of the pre-amplification. You can adjust this potentiometer to get a proper sound level where the relay would be activated.

List Componet Of Disco Lamp circuit
  • R1 : 22k 1/4 watt resistor
  • R2 : 4K7 watt resistor
  • R3 : 2K2 watt resistor
  • R4,R8 : 10K watt resistor
  • R5 : 33K watt resistor
  • R6 : 56K watt resistor
  • R7 : 1M watt resistor
  • Potensio: 50K
  • C1 : 470uf/35V electrolytic capacitor
  • C2 : 22n ceramic capacitor
  • C3 : 100n ceramic capacitor
  • C4 : 1Uf/50V electrolyticcapacitor
  • D1 - D5 : 1N4007
  • D6 : Zener 5.1v
  • D7 : 1N4148
  • IC : CD 4069
  • SCR : FIR 3D
  • Mic : Mic Condensor

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