Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Rangkaian 50Hz Accurate Oscillator

This circuit is a getting a 50Hz pulse. The oscillator circuit need only provide the IC ELM446, crystal and two appropriate loading capacitors
Rangkaian 50Hz Accurate OscillatorSkema Rangkaian 50Hz Accurate Oscillator
  • for greater accuracy as usual, it is also good practice to place a bypass capacitor across the power supply as well

The IC ELM446 is an 8 pin digital divider integrated circuit, that provides both 50Hz and 1Hz outputs from a common 3.58MHz NTSC colourburst crystal. Externally, the designer need only provide the crystal and two appropriate loading capacitors, as well as a suitably bypassed power supply. Internal Oscillator circuits then use this reference frequency to precisely derive a stable 50Hz signal. For convenience, a complementary 50Hz signal is also provided. This signal is then further divided to provide a 1Hz signal output. By ELM Electronics
IC ELM446This is pinout of IC ELM446, If you need more detail please download ELM446's pdf datasheet.

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