Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rangkaian Transistor Tester

The circuit shown below is a simple circuit transistor tester. In some digital and analog avometer now mostly been contained this feature, but it can not hurt us a little more creative. This circuit can also be used to detect whether a transistor is NPN / PNP.

Rangkaian Transistor TesterSkema Rangkaian Transistor Tester

Circuit operation is as follows. The 555 timer is set up as a multi-vibrator 12hz. The output on pin 3 drives the 4027 flip-flop. This flip-flop divides the input frequency by two and delivers complementary voltage outputs to pin 15 and 14. The outputs are connected to LED1 and LED2 through the current limiting resistor R3. The LED's are Arranged so Pls That the polarity across the circuit is one way only one LED will from light and Pls the polarity reverses the other LED light earnest, therefore Pls no transistor is connected to the tester the LED's will from alternately flash. Also The 4027 outputs are connected to resistors R4 and R5 with the junction of these two resistors connected to the base of the transistor being tested. With a good transistor connected to the tester, the transistor will of turn on and Produce a short across the LED pair. If a good NPN transistor is connected then LED1 will from flash by Itself and if a good PNP transistor is connected then LED2 will from flash by Itself. If the transistor is open both LED's will from flash and if the transistor is shorted then neither LED will from flash.

IC NE555 PinoutIC NE555 Pinout

IC 4027 PinoutIC 4027 Pinout

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