Friday, December 25, 2009

Fungsi Dan Karakteristik Photodioda BPW41N

Fungsi Dan Karakteristik Photodioda

Photodioda often used as a catcher of light waves emitted by the Infrared. The amount of voltage or electrical current generated by the size depends photodioda radiation emitted by the infrared.

Photodiodes made from semiconductors with a popular material is silicon or gallium arsenide, and others include InSb, Carbuncle, PbSe. This Photodioda (BPW41N) can detect infrared light with wavelengths ranging from 800 to 1100 nm with a peak sensitivity at 950 nm wavelength as shown in the picture below

 Photodioda BPW41N Photodioda BPW41N
Kurva karakteristik photodioda BPW41NKurva karakteristik photodioda BPW41N

When a photon (a unit of light energy) from the light source is absorbed, it is generating an electron and produces a single pair of charge carriers, an electron and a hole where a hole is part of the semiconductor lattice is losing electrons. The direction of current through a semiconductor is opposite to the motion of charge carriers. I was in a Photodiode used to collect photons - causing charge carriers (such as current or voltage) flows / formed in the electrode parts.

Rangkaian Penkondisi Sinyal dari Photodioda

This circuit is used as a current-to-voltage converter by a factor of 1000 times (set by R3) due to backflow photodioda range from 1 to 100 UA the output of U1A is ranged from -1 to -100 mV. Negative voltage is then amplified again by the inverting amplifier circuit to the value corresponding to the input level of need, amount of reinforcement is done by adjusting the value potensimeter R1.

Skema Rangkaian Elektronika