Sunday, May 10, 2009

Circuit of Mouse Repellent

A simple series of mouse repellent is a oscilator the issue on the ultrasonic wave frequency range 20 - 40 kHz. The ultrasonic waves will not be heard in the ear, but we will be with the one for the mouse ear. Base Frequency will be modulation with a 50 Hz signal is obtained from the frequency PLN through capacitor C4 (to avoid a mouse immune to it) so that the resulting swing frequency between 20 - 40 kHz periodically. Effects experienced mouse feels very good, seems like we are at a music concert with the rhythm of perplexedly ragged and could not enjoy at all. (What the human ear will not hear at all).
Circuit of Mouse Repellent

Components list:
: 1 K
: 15 K
: 1 nF
: 1 uF/16v
: 100 nF
: 220 nF
: 1000 uF/16v
: 1n4001
: LM 555
: Trafo 6v/200mA
: Speaker twiter
: fuse 100 mA

Heart of a series of repellent electronic mouse is a type of IC 555 that have been very popular, cheap and versatile. Use of the piezo electric loudspeaker (tweeter speaker ) so that the ultrasonic frequency is more effective. Electronic rat repellent is effective for rooms up to 200 m2 area of origin appropriate placement. Can be placed in the top corner of the room so that its frequency noise can be spread to all rooms without a hitch. Turn on continuously to ensure that the mouse does not come again.

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