Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Battery indicator

In this part of the investigation in a circuit of battery indicators , this is arise such alarm sound or light up when the battery already weak, so that needs to be replaced or re-charge.

Circuit of Battery indicator


voltage used is 12 volt
Low voltage warning flow: 15 mA
Alarm tone can be changed with the R7.

Tips Merawat Battery basah
  • Keep the electrolyte in the battery between the lower level and upper level lines. Check it at least once a month.
  • Short of electrolyte will cause sulfation to the elements and reduce the battery's performance in generating electricity flow.
  • Use distilled/demineralized water only for battery filling. Avoid using tap/well/mineral water as they may contain metal ions or organic substances that lower the battery's performance and its life.
  • Clean the battery's surface and keep from any electrolyte spill.
  • Clean the terminal surface using a little grease/lubrication to prevent from oxidation or fungus.
  • Do not connect the positive and negative terminal using a piece of wire as this will damage/terminate the connection between the terminals and elements.
  • Make sure the wire connection to the terminals is tight enough. Loose connection causes sparks, it may cause the battery explodes.
  • Cover the positive terminal's surface using isolator (plastic/rubber) to avoid short circuit to the vehicles body.
  • Cover the battery's surface with plastic/rubber sheet to protect it from dust/dirt blocking the vent holes.
  • Check the vent holes periodically. Blocked vent holes may cause the battery expand and eventually will cause explosion or leakage.

Tips Recharge a battery
Quick-charge recharging.
  • Make sure the charger is at OFF position
  • Attach the clips (red + and black -)
  • Connect the charger to the electricity point
  • Set the timer
  • Set the recharging flow (maximal equivalent to the battery's normal capacity).
  • These steps apply only to an emergency condition.

Normal recharging.
  • Make sure the charger is at OFF position
  • Attach the clips (red + and black -)
  • Connect the battery in parallel fashion
  • The recharge flow is selected for a battery with small capacity
  • Recharge flow volume is 1/10 of normal capacity
  • Recharge time: 3 times constant voltage.

After recharging is completed.
  • Turn off the charger
  • Release the clips on the battery
  • Release the wire from the electricity point.

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